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Windows Shade X

windows shade x

windows shade x - Hornell Speedglas

Hornell Speedglas 06-0100-20SW 9100 Series Welding Helmet With 9100X 2.1" X 4.2" Shades 5 And 8 - 13 Auto Darkening Lens And Side Windows

Hornell Speedglas 06-0100-20SW 9100 Series Welding Helmet With 9100X 2.1" X 4.2" Shades 5 And 8 - 13 Auto Darkening Lens And Side Windows

Hornell Speedglas 06-0100-20SW Features: -Price Is For One Each -Minimum Order Of 1. -Precision welding is demanding, but with the 3M™ Speedglas™ 9100 helmet you can fully concentrate in safety and comfort. Protecting your eyes and face from radiation, heat and sparks - while providing an accurage view of your work area - your Speedglas™ 9100 helmet might soon be considered your most important welding tool..-DARKENING FILTER 9100X. -UNSPC CODE: 46181700. -Lens Size : 2.1" X 4.2". -Welding Helmet - Auto Darkening auto darkening welding helmet, auto darkening welding helmets, auto dark helmet, auto dark welding helmet hood hoods.-3M SPEEDGLAS HELMET 9100 W/AUTO.

88% (5)

Window done

Window done

I finished the window for my ?” scale garage. I made the frames from O scale 1 X thick basswood and I filled them with panes of microscope cover glass secured with Squadron white putty. The upper pane was deliberately cracked, but the lower one cracked in handling. One pane has unpainted putty simulating a more “recent” repair, perhaps the reason for the security bars. The shade is spray painted tracing paper and the security bars are .02 x .06 styrene strips with Grandt Line rivet heads. After cutting and adding the rivets, the bars were first sprayed with Pactra flat black and allowed to dry overnight. Then I painted them with several water-thinned coats of Polly Scale green. After about 10 minutes dry time, I took a short stiff brush, dipped it in water and carefully brushed the piece until the paint softened and began to chip, exposing the flat black. Then I used gouache and weathering powders to add the fading, streaking, rust colors and bleed thru. The backs of the windows were dusted with fine powdery dirt. A few sawdust chip leaves were added to the sill as a final touch.
The Champion decal is from Microscale decals, and the closed sign was printed from a picture found on Flickr.

The size is 1.5” wide x 2.5” high.

20041210 1.jpg

20041210 1.jpg

While fidling around on Mac Os X Panther's Sherlock on
my Powerbook G4, I encountered a program called Window
Shade X from This application caught my
eye because they had the ability to create transparent
windows (which I've been looking for a very long time)
and minimize in place which I find, somewhat useful.
However, after looking around their products, I found
something even better: ShapeShifter!!! ... bear with
me if this is an old apps that everyone knows, I'm a
beginner in mac os, mercy me =)

Anyways, ShapeShifter is able to change the theme of
your UserInterface and enable you to manage it. In
Linux, this is similar to KDE or Gnome type of
implementation I'm assuming. Well anyways, this it's
super cool because it allows you to change the user
interface themes with a click of a button. And
switching back is super easy.

Not only that, the good thing about mac is most of the
users are great graphic/web designers so you can be
sure you'll get clean cool looking interfaces. I am
currently using TiSkin from and it looks
very cool (check out images). And combines with Window
Shade X's transparent windows, using your computer has
never been funner, ... more fun ..uhmm fun.

windows shade x

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